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Attract Consumers

The DiningOutFREE.com Web/App is an affordable way to attract consumers and build loyalty. The website allows you to control your offers based on your needs. Having a slow night? Post an offer that will attract consumers to rush over and fill your tables. You can establish your offer on the bases of units or time duration. Consumers get the offer instantly.

Build Loyalty

DiningOutFREE.com allows consumers to save their favorite restaurants and get notified specifically when offers are posted. This means you can build a following that is waiting for you to post offers exclusively to that group of consumers. DiningOutFREE.com manages the database and sends text, email and push notifications directly to your list when you post offers.

Instant Marketing

DiningOutFREE.com offers the fastest and most cost effective way to market. Simply post offers, and depending on your membership level, an instant notification gets released to customers. Direct text and e-mail marketing are instantly opened by eager consumers. Whether a customer has never been to your restaurant or is a frequent patron, when they get a notification from DiningOutFREE.com they open it!

Manage Revenue

The most attractive feature about the DiningOutFREE.com Web/App is it allows you to manage whatever offer you choose. You decide what the offer will be and how long it will last. This means you control cost and know exactly what your exposure is. Using the DiningOutFREE.com instant notification feature as a premium or top 20 member can fill your seats during down times and special events.

It's Only Dining!

The DiningOutFREE.com Web/App is all about dining and eating out. That’s it! Our focus is giving consumers the answer to the question...Where do you want to Eat? From now on, local consumers can simply check to see who has the best FREE or EXCLUSIVE deal. They can view by proximity, food type, offer or if they simply want to try something new. Search while at home or on the Go. Our geo targeted web/app will guide them to the right restaurant.

Consumers LOVE us!

Since the inception, DiningOutFREE.com has been assimilating a database of consumers and conducting independent surveys of customers regarding their opinion of the DiningOutFREE.com website. Overwhelmingly 100% of those surveyed said they would use the web/app, refer it to a friend and would open any offer they received. That’s awesome!


DiningOutFREE.com is a website and mobile app that allows restaurants owners and managers to market directly to local consumers to access exclusive deals. As a digital media company DiningOutFREE.com is leading the way in dining and eatery mobile commerce with the development and marketing of our locally driven consumer dining out website and mobile app. The digital marketing landscape is growing rapidly with over 92% of consumers utilizing mobile technology to search, shop and buy. DiningOutFREE.com is poised to become the leading digital marketing and referral resource for consumers and restaurants nationwide. Find out here how your restaurant or eatery will benefit as a partner with DiningOutFREE.com.
  • 2014

    The Launch

    After two years of initial research and development the DiningOutFREE.com Web/App is scheduled to launch coinciding with the start of the 2014 college and professional football seasons. Launching initially in 60 metro areas throughout the U.S., DiningOutFREE.com will continually grow its consumer database with FREE offers and incentives to local consumers.

  • 2013

    The Idea

    After sitting around asking the all too familiar question…“Where do you want to go and eat?” Then frantically searching for the best restaurant deals only to be bombarded with irrelevant and useless information it became evident there was no website that just made it fast and easy to locate great deals at local eateries. The idea for DiningOutFREE.com was cooked up! The work and research began.

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